training/staff development

if you're looking for state, district, or school for staff development training, contact me!

Chad presents Noodle Mania and a number of other active and engaging presentations beneficial for teachers. Please see the list below for training opportunities.

1. Noodle Mania - Using Pool Noodle to Enhance Physical Education: focuses on fitness, maximizing participation, skill development, and fun.

2. Cross the Curriculum in Physical Education: focuses on many ways to incorporate core content (math, science, social studies, and reading) in daily physical education classes.

3. Instant Activities that Get Students Up and Moving: focuses on fitness, maximizing participation, and fun using a variety of equipment.

4. Join the Revolution - Dance-Dance-Revolution: focuses on fitness, movement and rhythms, fitness, and wellness.

5. Diversify Your Sportfolio with Socci: focuses on skill development, participation, and fun using socci equipment.

6. Omnikin - Cooperation & Sport Skills using Innovative Equipment: focuses on skill development, cooperation, teamwork, and participation.

7. Large Group Activity Concepts the Promote Skill Development: focuses on skill development, small sided activities, maximizing participation & activity, cooperation, and fun.

8. Tchoukball: focuses on teamwork, cooperation, skill development, and participation using throwing and catching skills and Tchoukball Frames.

9. GeoFitness: develop coordination, rhythm, and fitness while integrating math, language arts, and geography concepts in a variety of fun activities centered around an innovative dance mat.

10. Quality PE on a Budget: focuses on a variety of ways to use inexpensive equipment (plastic bags, plastic cups, felt squares, plastic bottles, flags, etc) to enhance physical education programs through a variety of instant activities and whole class activities that maximize participation, develop skills, and improve fitness levels.

11. iPE – Maximize the Use of Your MP3 Player in Physical Education and Health: focuses on the use of iPods or Zunes as tools that support instruction (music, video, podcasts, power point presentations, and more).

Training Costs will include the following:

1. Travel expenses (flight, hotel, car (if necessary))
2. Training Fee (call for pricing)
3. Opportunity to sell training related products after presentations (i.e. exhibit table or booth)

If you are interested in having me come to your state, district, or school for staff development training, please contact me.