hear what people are saying.

August 25, 2009
Chad was very dynamic and did a wonderful job presenting all of the materials that he brought. He made everything so much fun and I cannot wait for the opportunity to use his ideas. Everyone was having such a great time learning. Chad was also right in there participating in the activities of the other presenters too. I hope he will return to Camp Caesar again soon.
Elaine Reed
WV - Camp Caesar Physical Education Conference


June 17, 2009
I enjoyed your class (workshop) SO much. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us. I have already looked at some of your sites. I will try the ones that you sent with this email also. Definitely have some games to try with my kids this next year. I really felt that you know how to handle kids. It would be fun to watch you teach. I teach Middle School and look forward to trying some of these ideas on them. I DEFINITELY benefited from your class (workshop). THANKS for sharing.
Vicki Ploeger, Kansas (Emporia State University PE Workshop)


December 4, 2008
Chad, I went to your session and bought your books at the NCAAHPERD. I have been using noodle activities all week with my preschool-4th grade students. We are all having so much fun! It has given me and my program quite an energy boost.
Thanks so much,

I contacted Candy about her email and asked permission to post it here and this was the response...

I would not mind at all. I've been teaching over 25 years and regularly attend workshops and our annual state convention, always looking for new activities that my students will learn from and enjoy. I am fortunate to live and work in North Carolina where our profession has strong leadership that works hard to provide many opportunities for growth. It has been a long time since I have returned to school with so many ideas that are active and engaging for ALL my students, with equipment that is so simple, versatile, and inexpensive to boot. Furthermore, I have never felt compelled to contact a presenter/author to thank them . . . until now.
Thanks again,


November 24, 2008
Hi Chad, Feel free to pass this e-mail on to those who need to hear (read) how great the noodle mania session was that you presented in Greensboro at the NCAAHPERD convention November 20-21 2008. It was fabulous to see a refreshing approach to activities/games/plyo-metrics/ quick starters etc. using a different piece of equipment (noodles and noodlette), as well as new creative ways to use the material. And all while keeping us (and the kids in p.e.) moving at a good pace. After a long time in education and special education it was fun and refreshing. Being in a district where inclusion is the word of the day, activities like you presented are very appropriate for all students in a class. Everyone can be successful with minor adaptations. I also think this will work at middle and high school level. If not the whole lesson, definitely as warm-up/station/alternative activity. I have forwarded your e-mail to our district's health and p.e. coordinator, and mentioned to her that we need to let everyone know about noodle mania. I also enjoyed the way you presented the activities, your (dry) sense of humor, fast (but not too fast) pace of presenting, order of the activities presented, good solid basic information about organization, enthusiasm, and ability to keep a large group of conference attendees motivated to move. Great job !!!!!
Jolanda Hengstman, CAPE, NBCT
Adapted Physical Education Teacher
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

November 28, 2008
Chad, Enjoyed your presentation at the NCAAHPERD. I was able to attend the noodle mania activities and thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. Your ideas were excellent and the activities were varied enough to interest everyone. Thanks for a great presentation.
Judy Wiggs


April 15, 2008
Chad, I was in your workshop at AAHPERD in Ft. Worth. You did an awesome job, and I got asked by several people from my district about your seminar. I want to thank you for the time you took to put the presentation on. Yesterday, I bought several noodles and started cutting them up. We started playing some of the games today, and it was a HUGE hit!!
Your new fellow noodle maniac,
Daniel Tennessen
Indianapolis Public Schools

April 15, 2008
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your session at the National Convention. Thank you for inspiring me to continue to find new ways to build my students gross motor skills and movement. I look forward to ordering a book and have already purchased some noodles from wal-mart yesterday.
Amanda S. Mowry
Marion, Ohio

March 31, 2008

Hi Chad, For teacher appreciation at our school, we "gently" suggested noodles from the students/parents. I included your website in the letter to the parents (I am also PTO pres.) and let me tell you...the response was overwhelming! Classes were marching out to pe with their noodles raised like little gladiators! We have begun five of your noodle games and the kids love them. It is also our big state testing week, so the release of tension the kids get while wacking feet and noodles is fantastic. I think it may be our permanent FCAT curriculum!! Thanks!!
Michele Heggblod
Julington Creek Elementary
Physical Education Dept.

March 5, 2008

“I witnessed your Noodle presentation” (recently). (After the conference), “I proceeded to perform some of the games/activities you had presented complete with rules (like 'put the noodle under your arm' when I was explaining or collecting them) and I wish to let you know my students were "ecstatic" about working with them.” “When working with my students and these noodles even on the basketball court, it was glaringly apparent each child was experiencing the many different P.E. skills I taught while having fun.

“In addition, please be advised that my Kindergarten plus First Grade students were actively devising ways to use the noodles plus pucks for balance and coordination activities on their own when given the chance to work with them.

“In conclusion, I feel what you have done here with this concept of using such a simple tool as pool noodles has "hit the mark" of what we all try to do as P.E. educators with attempting to create the best possible learning environments/outcomes for our students.

“Well done.”

October 24, 2007
Hey Chad!!! I played some of your noodle games just yesterday as an instant activity with my middle schoolers. The kids absolutely loved every minute of the Noodle Duel. My eighth graders even begged for more time!! Keep the games coming.
Carey K. Reeves
PE/Health Teacher Administrative Aide