Noodle Mania

noodle mania

using pool noodles to get kids moving!

The book has 60 innovative ideas on ways to use pool noodles to enhance physical education, recreation, active recess, athletics, camps, and/or after-school program. All the activities have been developed by a physical education teacher and are designed to get kids up and moving. Your students, camps, or after-school programs will be more active and your participants will enjoy becoming a NOODLE MANIAC!

Includes: 60 amazing and innovative ways to use pool noodles to get children & adults moving; the activities in the book can be used for a warm-up, whole-class lesson, or cool-down; there are a variety of activities for individuals, pairs, and large groups; the games were designed to maximize participation and fun for all, and the book is just $16.00 (shipping included).

Noodle Mania 2

noodle mania 2 (noodle madness)

now available!

Noodle Mania 2 takes noodle gaming to a new level. The games & activities focus on many health and wellness concepts while continuing to maximize participation and movement. This book includes fun and engaging activities for students of all ages, including: Noodle Circulation, Fire Safety, Tag, Noodle Rocket Launcher, Chinese Take-out, Feeding Frenzy, Jumping Monkeys, and more!!

Includes: 50 additional engaging activities, all activities include a listing of National Standards met, new health & wellness concepts are a focal point, all activiteis are design to maximize participation and movement, and the book is just $16.00 (shipping included).

Both Noodle Mania Books

noodle mania & noodle mania 2

buy both noodle mania books and receive a discount!

Buy both books for $30.00 (shipping included) and you will save $2.00 on your purchase. With both books combined, you will have over 100 innovative and engaging noodle activities.

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