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Cool Activities:

Socci is the worlds first three dimensional scoring foot sport. This unique goal scoring system can be used for much, much more. This non-traditional activity is designed to motivate students and maximize participation.

Health on the Move
Ruthie Bushnell is a talented elementary physical education teacher in Maryland. She has developed an innovative health, fitness, and nutrition curriculum for elementary school children. Check out her website to learn more.

Omnikin is a French-Canadian word for FUN! Using a variety of different sized light-weight inflatable balls, students can develop basic skills that promote lifelong activity. Explore the possibilities playing Kin-ball or using the Omnikin Six pack for fun and exercise.

Geofitness takes the Dance Dance Revolution concept to a whole new level. Engage your students in constant geo-motion while enhancing academic areas like math and social studies. The possibilities are endless!

Physical Education Sites:

PE Central
PE Central is an awesome physical education resource. This site provides an professional with a variety of tool and lessons that can enhance your P.E. program.

Station PE is a new online resource for teachers, like you, who value the Internet as a resource and teaching tool. Currently, the site offers activities and tools appropriate for the elementary levels with new content added monthly. This is not a book, binder or set of printed activities that will sit on the shelf. This is a living tool that will continue to grow - just like your teaching!