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making exercise creative and fun.

Noodle Games is committed to developing ideas & concepts using pool noodles to improve student fitness, maximize participation and make moving fun. Students will improve their level of fitness, develop skill-related components, and strengthen the concepts of teamwork, cooperation & fairplay.

Many teachers are now using Noodle Mania and Noodle Madness activities as a motivational warm-up or core lesson activity that engages students in skill-related fitness enhancing activities they LOVE. These activities do not to focus on the "product" of fitness, rather they pave the way for your students to achieve excellence in fitness!

Noodle Mania has many perks. It leads to cross-curricular learning opportunities, encourages lots of laughter, and convinces you to have a positive attitude toward moving your body!

Explore this website to learn about the many possibilities of pool noodles and nurturing Noodle Maniacs!

"Test drive" a few of the 110 choices: the Noodle Duel, the Noodle Tug, Noodle Soup or Noodle Tag.

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what is this about?

promoting noodle fun for exercise.

I am Chad Triolet , AKA “Noodle Guy”, from Chesapeake, Virginia. Noodle Mania is all about making exercise FUN with something as EASY as pool noodles!